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Saturday, February 1

8:00am CST

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11:15am CST

A STAAR Foldable 405 Project Based Learning in an Elementary Science Classroom 810 Writing Conclusions Based on Data 808 Building Academic Vocabulary 801 Building Understanding of Scale in the Solar System 416 Flipping for Technology 615 It all starts with a question? 811 Where is My Water Going? 806 Amazing Augmented Reality: Changing the Lens of the Science Classroom 805 Classroom Website Using Google 611 STAAR-aligned instructional practices 807 Released AP Physics Questions as a Resource for Developing Physics Labs 619 US Navy's Sea Perch Robotics competition 406 Notebooking with a Purpose 414 Ruling the Roost with Chicken Activities 419 TeacherGeek STEM : Alternative Energy Make ‘n Take 423 Is it Math or Science? Math Skills in the Science Classroom 804 Science, Data, and You! 802 THe Fluid Filled Accelerometer 803 New free resources for high school science 809 Using Mindset to Curb Apathy and Expand Potential 404 Terrific Games and Puzzles for Middle Schools 800 STEMscopes: A Sneak Peek of Our Enhanced K-5 Science Curriculum 408 Ecoregions of Texas & Watersheds 413 Exploring Air 211 Integrated STEM for Primary Students 409 Mysterious Properties of Water 410 Captivating Digital Native's Imaginations with STEM visual Literacy 402 Cuttin' Up with Space Science for 3-HS 420 Teaching Science with the Tip of Your Finger: Using Discovery Education and the iPad 617 Tweeting Your Way to Professional Development 613 Classic Science for the Modern Student 407 Crazy chromosomes 204 Teaching Academic Vocabulary for Comprehension and Retention 400

1:30pm CST

Rotational Motion II - Torgue and Energy 213 Evoke Learning Through 'E-Voc'ing Activites (Electronic Vocabulary) 611 Igniting Inquiry in Science 808 Truly En'Light'ening 419 Learning from High Performance Athletes 802 TeacherGeek STEM: Rubber Band Racer Make ‘n Take 423 Augmented Reality - using this new “wow” tool in classrooms and trainings 805 Edmodo Where Learning Happens Through Technology 615 Bonding Mania 804 Building Connections between Math and Physics 806 Flipping the Physics Classroom 801 I 'HEART' Biology - A Lab to Teach the Cardiovascular System 407 Plum Pudding and Helix Hijinks 414 3D Topographics 420 Conclusion Based on Data:How to Create and Use as Assessment 809 Making M.U.S.I.C. 807 Meet TEKS and Explore Space Weather with a Texas-Built Space Mission 416 The Science of Google: Using Google Drive in the Classroom 617 Understanding Electricity 803 Integrating Science and Math in STEM 810 CANCELLED - Give Young Learners a Solid Foundation in Science 417 STEMscopes: A Sneak Peek of Our Enhanced Science Curriculum 408 Biology - Photosynthesis & Respiration Shuffle 413 Pint Sized Science 410 Spark 101: Engage. Connect. Inspire. 613 How Did This Get Here? 211 Integrated STEM for Intermediate Students 409 Reflection and Application of the Science TEKS - Learning to Write to Argue with Claims and Evidence K-8 402 McGraw Hill Advanced Placement: Technology for Today and Tomorrow 405 Misconception Mania 406 Aerology and Remote Sensing on Mars 404 Crazy TRAITS:Genetics and Adaptations 204

2:45pm CST

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